Why Tan?

Heliotherapy…The Positive Effects of the Sun. It is clear the sun makes us feel happier and more relaxed plus many feel more attractive with a rich bronze glow. A natural tan is also our body’s defense against sunburn when spending time outdoors such as a day at the beach, playing with your children, or performing yard work. Your natural tan won’t rub, sweat, or wear off the way sunscreens products will. Sun absorption is the most reliable source of Vitamin D which has emerged as a credible link in the prevention of many diseases. Get Gorgeous, get Vitamin D, Get Tan!…Tan any day, everyday never allowing yourself to over-expose or sunburn.

Why Choose A Tanning Booth?

Tanning Booths can tan more rapidly and you can achieve your tan in half the time or less of standard lay-down beds. Get darker with the TANMAX Booth which does not use acrylics as with most tan equipment that can block up to 20% of the tanning lamp output. There is no contact between your body and the TANMAX Booth as with lay-down beds which require you lay un-clothed on a porous acrylic. TANMAX is a far more hygienic way to tan! Our booth virtually eliminates the issue of white spots, un-tanned pressure points, and white lines which can often occur from lying in a tanning bed. The TANMAX Booth gives you a smooth even all around tan!

How does my skin tan?

When the skin is exposed to Ultraviolet Light, a natural process begins to take place. There are special cells in the outermost layers of skin called melanocytes. When UVB light is absorbed these melanocytes produce melanin. UVA Light then oxidizes, or darkens the melanin creating a “tan”. You should see results in as little as 2-3 sessions and a full tan within 6-10 visits. Maintain your year round tan with just 1-3 tans per week.

Should I Use Indoor Tanning Lotions?

Absolutely, indoor tanning lotions add nutrients which our bodies need to produce maximum amounts of melanin tanning you faster. They also moisturize the skin which helps you tan darker and keep your gorgeous tan longer. TANMAX carries a full line of tanning lotions & moisturizers by top brand manufactures at huge discounts.

Do I have to wear eyewear?

Yes, all tanners must wear FDA approved eyewear while tanning. The skin around your eye is the thinnest on your body, UV light can easily penetrate this skin reaching your eyes. Repeated, unprotected exposure to UV light may cause long-term damage. TANMAX offers both disposable and goggles for purchase. TANMAX goggles are specifically designed to minimize any potential of white circles, a couple slight adjustments while tanning can eliminate this as well. Because of infections which can easily be transmitted eyewear should never be shared, even when it has supposedly been sanitized.

Can I tan if I am pregnant?

While there is not current scientific evidence that expectant mothers should not tan, this is something that needs to be discussed with your physician beforehand. Much recent research now indicates that the increased production of vitamin D that is produced by exposure to UVB light may be very beneficial to both the mother and the baby. We suggest you research this online extensively and make an educated decision with your Doctor prior to tanning. Once you have made the decision to tan speak to one of our tan consultants to assist in selecting a level and time of day which could offer you a cooler tanning experience. Excessive heat to the baby as with the use of Jacuzzis should be avoided during pregnancy.

Is It Ok To Shower Immediately After Tanning?

Yes, your UV tan can take up to 24 hours to develop fully and you cannot wash away your tan. Care should be taken with a spray tan or when using a lotion containing additional bronzers however which will need 4-6 hours to properly set prior to showering, swimming or sweating.

What Age Do I Need To Be To Tan?

You may tan at the age of 14 however up until you are 18 you will need a parent or guardian to accompany you to the salon on your first visit to fill out a permission slip.

What If I Am Taking Medication?

Be sure to check with your Doctor as some medications may increase sensitivity to UV light in some people.